Defelopment of a Real-time test evirontment

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Substential testing of today’s reliabilitysafety-critical automotive embedded systems – including both hardware and software – is crucial. A faultless and creditable product is the trademark of the producing company. This is also considered as a main principle of the AE/EEC-Bp division of the hungarian Robert Bosch Kft, which’s Software-Systemtest team is responsible for designing the software-systemtest of the controllers of air-conditioning units.

The testing of the devices has been done mostly manually or by various and disorganised automated test systems. The distributed testsoftware inspired the idea of creating a new configuration which is able to reuse the existing hardware configuration and represents an integrated and pure interface for designing further automated tests.

Implementing tests often have higher needs than simple automization. Accurate timing and determinism are also required by many test cases, which generated the requirement against the new system of being capable of running real-time applications. To achieve these criteria we chose the solution of National Instruments: the LabVIEW ETS real-time operating system which can be installed on simple desktop PCs. This thesis discusses the process of designing and implementing the new software configuration targeting the real-time OS.

As a result of the project a new, integrated, National Instruments LabVIEW based software system has been created. The project includes the necessary driver libraries for controlling a test-tower and it also contains beneficial tools for designing automated tests. The structure of the application makes it possible to embed the user code without modifying the software-motor involving background threads and supplementary functions.


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