Real time, websocket based online card game

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


Due to the recent advancement in online technologies, there are more and more opportunities in designing and developing entertainment programs in online environment. Response time is one of the most important features when talking about online gaming: waiting on the response can influence the user experience for the worse, especially in a real time system. Some systems produce data continuously, therefore the client has to support the requirements of real time experience. That is why the graphics should be designed with the respone time in mind. My thesis is about implementing Blackjack in a real time online environment.

In the first chapter I explain why I chose this subject and it gives an overview about my system.

The second chapter lists the rules of Blackjack. Knowing the rules is important in making a system that offers multiplayer games.

The third chapter speaks about the technological background of the program. Here I write about the difficulties I encountered during the development and why I choose to rely on these technologies.

In the fourth chapter you can read about the designin process. It explains how I designed the application and the principles I kept in mind during my work.

The fifth chapter is about the implementation of the application: the coding circumstances and the execution of the design plan.

In the sixth chapter you can read about the tests I ran through the system and it’s results.

The seventh and last chapter goes through some improvements that could be implemented in the future.


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