Realistic Terrain Generation with Unity3D

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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of this thesis is to create a procedural content generation method that creates a real-like terrain. The purpose of this generator is to speed up the play area preparation during game development.

Recently game development has been widely available due to many accessible game engines. Content making has become more important than programing although content creation can be achieved by automated content generator procedures.

My task is to develop an application that creates a realistic terrain with minimal input parameters. There are existing ways to generate terrain that use two dimensional noise functions. Using only noise results in monotone, uniform terrains that look artificial. For the resolution of this problem I apply certain methods that mimics real landscape forming erosions. The combination of the noise functions and the above mentioned erosion algorithms achieves an acceptable quality outcome.

In my thesis I describe the theory of procedural content generation, present the several possibilities of Unity3D development environment. I describe, demonstrate and optimize the terrain generating algorithms. Finally I evaluate the result of the applied methods.


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