RTOS application in the software systems of Formula Student racing car electronics

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The Formula Student is a formula racing car builder tournament organized for students. The mechanical and logistical engineer students on the Budapest University of Technology and Economics joined to this group in 2008. Thus the BME Formula Racing Team has been established, where soon the electrical engineer and engineer of informatics students also have joined to develop the car’s electronic devices.

The BME-FRT team is constantly expanding, as more and more students want to benefit from the success of the team by developing and applying something to the car. The electronics team also expanding, new members join to the group, but others leave the team with a diploma in their hand. By leaving the team, there is no opportunity to give their experience for the newcomers and to transfer them the circumstances of the implementation of the electronic devices.

To improve the ability of the team coordination it is needed to make an entirely common platform for the development of the electronic devices of the Formula Student car to everybody have the same condition to start the development on the same way. The first part of this thesis presents a common programming interface, which gives the ability to use a real-time operating system on the devices.

The application of an operating system can cause new problems. In case of the incorrect usage of the application programming interface can cause system overloads and unstable operation. By the common software platform it is additionally needed to examine the functioning of the operating system. The second half of the thesis explains the measurement methods for the operating system viability investigation, which can help the test processes during the development of the Formula Student electronic devices.


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