Porting real-time operation system onto multiprocessor signal processing system

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, in our modern world we can’t imagine living without instruments which are electronic, intelligent and filled with complicated engineering solutions. In the last 50 years the industry, based on embedded systems, improved a lot. That’s the reason why higher level programming languages appeared applied for the development of more and more complex microcontroller units.

In nowadays’ advanced level of technology, model based software development and code generation are used widely. This tendency can be detected primarily in the vehicular industry, where 40% of electronic actuator and control systems’ software are generated by using automatic code generation.

The Knorr-Bremse VJRH ltd. has been successfully used this model based code generation for years, including some ground breaking projects. In my thesis I present this automatic generation through this development using a fourth generation programming language (Matlab Simulink). So, I describe you how to create rapidly effective, easy repairable and further developable C code, especially for embedded environment.

In the first part of the document I detail the reasons why there is a great need for the application of these methods and also I outline the structure of the multi-processor hardware used. After that the steps of code generation itself are detailed and the features of Matlab Simulink Coder used are also discussed.

In the second part I set out the related information in real-time operating system and discuss the used techniques and applied modifications. In this section I discuss the operation and synthesis of the created blocks enriched with my experiences and results. At this point I show how I successfully joined the message queue into the environment of the operating system in such a way, that the queue’s advantages and good features were not damaged. Moreover I show, how I could satisfy the expectation that the system must be portable and universal as far as possible.


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