Developing a Real-Time Test Environment for Automotive Applications

OData support
Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In terms of automotive engineering the number of electrical control units, installed in a modern car, has increased the most rapidly in the past few years. In conjunction with the number of elements, the responsibility and the functionality have raised as well demanding strict requirements to the automotive companies, since the faultless operation of such devices is crucial. This fact is highly considered by AE/EMS team at Robert Bosch Kft., which is responsible for the development process of blower controllers, whether it be hardware, software or test-case implementation.

During the testing procedure of blower modules delays and unpredictable response times –caused by software or hardware insufficiency– are unacceptable, therefore the major objective of this study is to design an automatized software-test environment, which is able to execute real-time measurements. In order to establish proper performance for the setup, unified software elements and hardware devices must be selected or designed.

Considering hardware functionality, National Instruments offers devices for synchronized data acquisition and communication. Considering the fact that the permitted input magnitudes are not compatible with the measured data, this thesis includes the development process of a printed circuit board, which modulates the measured signal magnitudes to the permitted range of the acquisition unit. Additionally, the test concept often requires the stimulation of the faulty operation by injecting different voltage levels or interconnecting terminals, while the reaction and actuation of the blower must be investigated, thus the interface board must be designed to fulfil these needs as well.

As a result of the project a LabVIEW based measurement setup was established since available software modules and toolkits grant real-time application development including data acquisition and communication, while NI ETS operational system provides deterministic execution of the implemented test sequence.


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