Realtime Browser Multiplayer Game Development

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Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Based on the trends of the past years, HTML5 and the related technologies are gaining more and more ground in development. They can be used reliably in mobile, desktop and server softwares. With having good documentation and widely supported standards old technologies like Flash are going to be less popular because tasks like complex graphics, video playing and real time communication can be achieved by the new standardized technologies. Using WebSocket, fully functional, real time games can be written. Browsers supporting WebGL are able to render richer graphical content due to hardware acceleration. There are frameworks for mobile platforms which can run HTML5 applications at near the speed of a native applications. This leads to great cross-platform opportunities.

This thesis describes the implementation of a real-time multiplayer browser game. After specifying the task, I give a technological overview. I start with the evolution of HTML and the ECMAScript standard. Then the specialties of JavaScript and the related TypeScript programming language are discussed. The Node.js framework and WebSocket-based communication is also introduced along with the demonstration of two game frameworks. I describe the parts of the created application in details and briefly evaluate the scaling and future development opportunities.


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