Ifluence of AC stresses on the efficiency of chatodic protection

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Underground pipes’ and pipelines’ material structure,and their load characteristics

are influenced by chemical, electrochemical and electrical effects or any

accumulation of these. These effetcs are generated by the pipes’ construction

material damaged during the deliver and external environmental elements

interaction. The external environmental elements are bound to the ground’s three

phases, solid soil particles, water found in the ground, air int he gaps between the

soil particles. These are the important factors, that we must kept in mind, when we

want to prevent these pipelines from damaging.

My thesis focuses on underground metal pipes behavior,in case of different

electrical impulses. I present the eletrochemical and electrical effects ,including

various stray currents’ destructive skills. The cathodic protecton’s usage and

utility is also shown.

The purpose of this thesis, is to present the stray currents corrosive effect related

to each other. For this purpose we made two measurment layouts during the

semester. The task was to prepare,present and evaluate the results. These

measurment layouts based on practical cases.


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