Design of the controller card of a test device for transmission controllers

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Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of current thesis is the design process of a testing device of a car gearbox controller. In our developed word there are hundreds of electronic sensors and controllers in each car, which are communicating with each other, and the automatic gearbox controller is connected to this complex system. Obviously the reliability of these systems is an extremely important aspect, therefore the tools have to be tested by a comprehensive testing process before entering the market. In my thesis I will introduce the desing steps of the electrical circuit board of a particular test device.\linebreak[4]

The device should be a custom development and design, because there are no such tools available in the market. After introducing the specification, I will present the steps and tools required for the design of a complex elerctrical circuit. I will also address the rules which I followed during the design process. After that I go through some particular steps of the design, which are important from the shematic or from the PCB point of view. I will present the reasons why I chosed particular components for the device, and some other design considerations. Finally, I introduce the requirement specification of the software of the device.


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