Internet service model of variable bandwidth

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Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis is about a new internet service model of variable bandwidth, where I also make details about how it can be validated and which challenges make it more difficult to introduce the new model. The aim of the model is to make it possible for the users, who connect to one internet node, to use even individually the full bandwidth. Nevertheless, it could happen by that way that the online users could reach the full bandwidth distribution at the same time. The model also shares some details about the cancellation of the differences between the bandwidth of download and upload.

I also make details about the market and the needs in the future by searching how, when and where the new model could be introduced on the market. Furthermore, I write about the possibilities how my idea could be sold.

During the new modell specification, I especially focused to the wired internet network, however, I must have sometimes taken into account the mobil internet network because of its accelerating and contiguous growth too. I also wrote about the internet networks and the internet services, that are available globally and especially in Hungary. The new internet service model of variable bandwidth functiones not only with wired networks, but with any other network too.

For my thesis, I made a simulation program, with which I test the new and the current model, and after, I analyze the results. I prepared some charts for the test cases resoults, which make easier to visually understand the new modell behaviour opposed to the current system. I also made a simulation with anonymized users datas too, about which I shared information at the end of the thesis. For the simulation, I used hard estimations, but it shows even in a clear way the differences between the two modells.


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