Development of a database browser over changing schemes

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Database Browser gives you access to the data stored in a plan file.

The planning tool has one designated database where data from one plan can be stored at a time.

Different versions of the planning tool have separate databases.

The main functions of the Database Browser are as follows:

• Viewing the contents of the database and interpreting plan data.

• The Database Browser data views windows.

• Viewing reports for the actual plan file.

• Creating custom reports.

• Filtering and sorting in the Database Browser.

• Import and export all filters, preferences and user-defined reports


• We redesigned the old database

• Integrated the old report with the new sheme

• We created an interface over the database, for all the programs using it

• one for inserting data

• one for reading data


• Display all modules that has useable data

• Selecting entities in the planning tool corresponding to the selected line in the browser

• Create filters

• Displaying predefined reports

• Displaying user-defined reports

• Export data to excel


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