Fabrication and investigation of vanadium-oxide layers

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Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis paper is about the studying of the material vanadium-dioxide’s phase transition, the preparation and qualification of VO2 thin layers, then performing measurements on active device.

In the course of my task I did literature research about the material, I got acquainted with the phenomena of MIT effect. Furthermore, I summarized the possibilities of the material’s usability, particularly the TELC. I studied the basic principle of thermal electronic acting logical gates.

I obtained knowledge about the technology of sputter deposition delamination, and then with this method, I created thin layers of vanadium-dioxide. Based on my experiences, I tried to figure out the best method to make the best quality of vanadium-dioxide layers.

I examined the quality of the thin layers by their resistance-temperature dependence. Based on the results I sorted out the segments with the best quality, then by creating platinum contacts, I tested them as active devices.

At the end of my paper I summarized my results, and made a proposal to the development of the active device.


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