Manufacturing and testing of VO2 test structures

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Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis, I executed the qualification of a simple MOS and a vanadium dioxide MOS structure by quasistatic I-V (current-voltage) measurements in the temperature range of 30-95°C. Another purpose was to examine the occurent effects to the shape of the I-V curve by semiconductor to metal phase transition of vanadium dioxide (formula: VO2), and to forecast the possible change of work function of vanadium dioxide. I examined vanadium dioxide because it can be used to create Thermal-Electronic Logic Circuits (TELC). The significance of this is that by using TELC, you can attempt creating highly integrated circuits on the surface of the silicon substrate, without any further size reduction of the technology.

Before detailing all of the above, I present the qualification of the MOS structure, and the widely used C-V (capacitance-voltage) measurement techniques of semiconductor industry, especially the quasistatic I-V (C-V) measurement. Thereafter I summarize the most important properties of vanadium dioxide, then review the steps of a sample preparation. Knowing these, I present the results of various measurements executed on simple MOS and vanadium dioxide MOS structures.


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