Feasibility study of vanadium dioxide thin films' application in gas sensors

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Dr. Juhász László
Department of Electron Devices

Gas sensors have become more and more important with the continuous improvement in the industry, because in many cases poisonous and combustible gases arose as by-products during manufacturing. It is essential to detect different gases, for instance, in case of safety equipment, human lives can depend on their proper operation.

In my paper, I discuss the structures of the different gas sensors, in particular metal-oxide based gas sensor and I try to demonstrate the mechanism of vanadium dioxide metal-insulator’s phase transition. In my work, I examined the behavior of vanadium dioxide thin films (produced by pulsed laser deposition and radio-frequency sputtering) in respect of in various gas composition environment, temperature falling near the metal- insulator transition and the temperature range from 150 to 200°C, and I take the current-voltage, the power-temperature and the resistance-temperature characteristics. I performed the tests with and without palladium-activated samples, furthermore i draw the conclusions and I offer further development opportunities.


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