Deposition and characterization of vanadium dioxide thin films

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Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

The development of electronics has been driven by Moore's law. The continous scale down resulted in the nanosized CMOS devices will reach their operability, determined by unavoidable physical effects. When this occurs new operation principles will be required. Thermal-electronic logic circuit (TELC) may help solve this problem, based on a temperature sensitive component.

Vanadium dioxide materials exhibit a semiconductor-to-metal phase transition (SMT), at a temperature about 68°C, accompanied by an abrupt change in resistivity and optical properties. In order to integrate this material into the current technology, thin-film growth of vanadium dioxide and its switching behavior has been studied.

In my work I deposited vanadium dioxid thin films by RC reactive sputtering at the BME Department of Electron Devices and by pulsed laser deposition at the University of Oulu with different parameters and different constructions. I did measurements on these samples and investigated the switching behavior by the resistance-temperature characteristics and the current-voltage characteristics.


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