City scale battery energy storage sizing

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpouse of my thesis was create a simulation for the model of a power supply system, including introducing the accumlator’s control principals, in a future Smart City. A simulation model is about the part that is responsible for the 100% of the city’s power supply which consists of PV power plant and battery plants.

This system could work with the current energy network in harmony thus help the network keeping the stability in mind. The goal was to find the optimal performance of the power supply system. To do this, I imagined a simple control system, adjusting the accumlator’s performance to the city’s consumption and attaching it as a part of the Smart Grid. In reality the control system could be helped by a decision backing and continous monitoring. Carrying out the creation of a simplified monitoring system helped me see the practical difficulties of my thesis.

Naturally, creating the database, logging and complete control system is far beyond my thesis, therefore I have used an already measured data, a given database, as if they were given by the actual system. Instead of an existing system, I checked the system behaviour by creating the control principals and implementing them in my simulation. From the momentary data, the control software determinds the performance of the power supply system. Because of the ever changing paremeters of the environment, a continous flow of data is formed that is analyzed in ’real-time’ so the power supply can react immediately to the above said changes.This decision making system is the power supply’s brain.

As a result of my thesis, I had to create an optimal system dimension based on the city’s consumption. The optimal system dimensions can be calculated from the maximum of the different power plants’ and accumlators’ annual self-sufficiant dimensions.

My first task was to get familiar with the definition of Smart cities, intelligent systems a.k.a. smart Grids, self-sufficiant system and units that makes the optimal power supply system happen. Then I had to look into the making, attributes, structure of the Power Grid which pointed me in the direction of creating and storing renewable energy. Analyzing the power supply’s basic principals , selecting the units and defining these units’ basic attributes I have set up the simulation. With the help of the given monitoring system I have tested the program on one household, then on 10 household and based on this data I have set up the city’s simulation. The last thing I did was to gather arguments of the supply system of renewable energy keeping Vienna’s strategy in mind.


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