Modeling and control of urban traffic

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The increasing urban road traffic is a growing problem, so the development of traffic control systems is important to reduce the formation of traffic jams. In this document I will examine several methods, which try to set an optimal greentime for traffic lamps. I implemented adaptive traffic control systems, which monitors he current traffic. I will introduce the efficiency of the algorithms in a small road network.

I have created a framework in MATLAB for modelling the roads and the traffic.It is able to calculate the size of the queue on links and also the actual outflow.

I implemented three different adaptive traffic signal control methods. Two of them share constant cycle time between the lamps. One of them is a fuzzy control system, the other uses a simple algorithm. The third method is also a fuzzy control system, but the cycle time can vary within certain limits.

I will show the operation of these methods, and compare their efficiency in simulation. The results will be shown in two different graphical forms.


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