Building an expense register mobil application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the market of the smartphones has an intense growth, most of the phone users already possess such a device. Also increases the demand for the phones to include more and more application and function, and to be suitable for our daily routine.

This application allows the users to note down their expenses immediately. The application saves in its own database not only the name and the prise of the elements, but the date of the purchase, and associates a picture to them. Later it lists them in the basis of different filters for reviewing, and makes an aggregated statistics available. In addition, it is possible to write the stored data into an Xml file, which can be uploaded into the user’s OneDrive storage place, where it will be available to other platforms as well.

This application was made for Windows Phone 8 operating system, noting that the graphical representation must be formulated in accordance with the guidelines set by the platform. The thesis is first dealing with the history and the development of the target platform, and describes its various features. After that it gives a detailed description of the technologies used by the application. The second part presents the actual implementation of the functions of the completed application.


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