Application for modelling and evaluating customer profiles

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The program is a web application, which uses RFID technology to plan customer routes. We can create a model and generate related statistics, like average shopping time distributed by customer types, busiest route definition or counters attendance.

For the generation there is a simulation module, but we can use our measured data with the appropriate interface.

The application communicates with a MySQL Database. We store here the result of the simulation, so if we change the model and generate again we can compare with each other. The program doesn’t give advice directly about the layout, but it can tell you which is better.

The model is a store based on counters, which related to a profile, so it's useable only after login. We can save it and load it from the database.

There are predefined counter types but we can create own counter type in the inventory panel with name, and priority parameters for the customers.

The passive RFID tag can be put into the shopping cart, and the RFID receiver into the counter, so we separate the store into sectors and read the passive tags periodically.


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