Control structure refurbishment to adjust railway braking rod systems

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The appropriate operation of brake systems is important in railway vehicles, because a minor fault can lead to serious accidents. To provide safe and appropriate operation, every parts have to go through strict tests. The automatic slack adjuster is an important part of the brake system. An automatic test machine for testing these adjusters was available at TS Hungária’s site at Miskolc, but its control structure didn’t operate properly.

The subject of my thesis is the control structure refurbishment of the probe machine. During the refurbishment new hardware components were built into the machine, a new control and visualization sofware was implementated and installed. My main task was the development of the visualization software.

At the beginning of this thesis I present the operation of railway air brake systems, then I specify the structure and functions of the test machine. In the next part I provide description about the softwares used during the implementation and show the process of setting up the communication between the control and visualization software.

The next main part of this thesis is about the design and implementation of the visualization software. In this part I go through all the forms and give detailed information about the items an algorithms used on them.

Finally I present the testing process of the implemented software and I give information about the faults that were found and about their corrections.


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