Embedded software development of an railway diagnostic module

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Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It is absolute necessary to maintain the condition of the railway lines and vehicles in the matter of the public railway transport. Nowadays special measurement systems are available for this task, which are capable of the measurement of different physical signals. The processing of these signals can lead to the error detection of the different railway lines and vehicles. In my thesis my task is the design and implementation of the software architecture of the previous described railway diagnostic module.

As a start, I got acquainted with the notion of the Industrial Internet and summarized the expectations, which are required for a system, which is connected to the Industrial Internet.

Being in the possession of these expectations, and after getting known the structure of the embedded software, I defined the requirements of the application independent software.

I got familiar with the structure and operation of the nowadays available embedded operation systems and I made a comparison about these software, based on the most important properties, which were chosen by me.

In the following sections of my thesis, I examined the effect of different software architecture usage on the system’s energy consumption and computational performance.

During the designing process of the application independent software, I specified the structure of the software and those components of it, which were implemented by me in the following sections of my thesis.

Lastly, I created an application, which performs STFT algorithm on sampled analog signals with the usage of the different components of the implemented application independent software.


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