Visualization of railway systems to forecast emergency situations

OData support
Debreceni Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In case of safety critical systems, where even a simple failure may cause enormous property damage or threaten lives, the development requires precise design and ex-haustive testing. Model in the Loop (MIL) testing aims to verify the high-level system requirements on the level of detailed models of the system components instead of test-ing the implemented softwares.

Virtual reality can help the engineers to provide realistic world in its physical meaning and simulate their models in that specific environment. Using the virtual environment, it is possible to set up circumstances difficult to trigger in real life, manage ex-ternal interactions and predict dangerous situations.

My thesis proposes a general framework that can provide virtual environment to (i) visualize the system components where (ii) the users can interact with the system and to (iii) simulate the physical behavior of each model element. In addition, my framework also aims to simulate situations in advance, thus it can forecast upcoming dan-gers to the user.

The framework uses the Unity Game Engine adapted to the MoDeS3 project developed at the department of BME MIT which case study is an implementation of the safety logic of a railway system.


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