Day-ahead schedule estimation of traction power

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main topic of my thesis is the creation process of a dynamic model that is able to generate

schedules for each railway traction transformer. Besides, I describe the specialities of the

operation of the electricity market, with particular attention to the relation between the

trader and the consumer.

The topicality of my research is given by the situation established by a new contract between

the Hungarian Railways and electricity traders. According to this contract, 3 different traders

supply electricity to the Hungarian Railways in 6 districts. Therefore, the price of the balancing

energy appears to three different traders.

My research was carried out in the following steps. First, I elaborated the modeling with regard

to a transformer district. The base of the method followed in my thesis as well as the starting

data were available due to a former investigation at the Department of Electrical Power

Engineering. During the processing of data, I made use of the MATLAB and Excel applications.

As a following step, I compared the estimations given by the model to the data recorded by

power meters of the engines and the transformer.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that the dynamic model predicts the expected energy

consumption with an acceptable approximation. However, the model can be improved in

several different ways, aiming at more precise approximation, as well as the extension of the

applicability of the model.


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