Analyzing earth fault detection and residual current mitigation techniques on compensated MV networks with mixed structure

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

On the Hungarian middle voltage compensated network the mixed (containing both overhead lines and cable sections) network configurations are spreading, which are likely to pose challenges to the current earth fault detection and fault current mitigation practices.

To assess this, the thesis surveys the process of arc-suppression, the detection methods, the containment of the faulted section and solutions that affect the success of the reconnection. It shows in these the expected difficulties, analyzes fault statistics to verify the expectations, and examines the options to resolve the difficulties.

It notes, that the Hungarian practice uses a complicated method on the 20 kV network to terminate the earth faults as soon as possible, however, to considerable success, particularly in terms of arc-suppression, and its use is expected to be beneficial in the future also. The earth fault protection detection in the near future will be required to convert, there are more opportunities to do so, deeper examination is expected after the thesis.


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