Preparation of solar cell samples with thin photoactive layers

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The topic of my dissertation was to create thin photoactive layered solar cell samples. During the semester the objectives were to design and implement thin layer solar cell model at the Department of Electron Devices and Components.

Usually, the thin layer solar cells are made with Chemical Vapor Deposition technology, which results thinner semiconductor layers. Since it was not available at the university, therefore it was necessery to develop a procedure during the semester, which enables to get the same product despite the lack of resources. The 2 inch diameter 300 microns thick single-crystal silicon wafers were applied during the implementation of the solar cells. The required thickness was 20-30 microns. The wafers were thinned by cauterizing with chemicals. During the working progress, attention had to be paid, since the sample was extremely vulnerable to mechanical impacts. The p-n junction was formed by diffusion of boron to the thinned n-substrate silicon wafer. The metallization was done by vacuum evaporation.

Temperature and thickness dependency were examined by quality evaluation of the complete samples.


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