Development of thin client for CIRCLE cloud

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The advent and widespread of cloud computing as well as mobile devices are undeniably amongst the most notable changes of the last decade in information technology. These tendencies are not independent of each other, the decreasing computing power of end devices led to the increased usage of centralized resources. This shift makes

the user's work easier and expands their opportunities by providing computational resources as a service contrary to the usual model organized around products.

The CIRCLE system provides such a service for every citizen of the university. They can request a computer in a virtual environment meeting their needs in terms of hardware and software as well. This flexibility makes computer-labs very easy to maintain, and eliminates the need for fully-fledged PC-s. If the only task is to remotely access a virtual machine, a thin client based on a low-power mobile chip is satisfactory. My job was to implement such a system, and I guide you through the steps in this paper.

First I evaluate the technologies available to remotely access a computer. There are some with only a historical value, but others can cope with a modern environment. I rank the solutions by their suitability for the task, and describe the most suitable, VNC based one.

The thin client is based on the Raspberry Pi 2, a credit card-sized computer. I describe it's hardware and software in a separate chapter.

The two storylines connect in the last chapter, where I examine the selected software's performance on the given platform. I explain the insufficiencies I found and provide a solution to them by utilizing the capabilities of the hardware.


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