Galvanic Isolated Solar Inverter

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


Nowadays, the energy efficiency of a tool becomes a more important point of view, so that it could function with a smaller waste of value but very efficiently. We are living in a modern world, where people’s living standards is rising. Our target is to increase the comfort feeling of humans; therefore we use a lot of electrical machines, which needed a lot of energy. So it is required to have a more economical consumption of energy, and to reduce the operating cost with the help of the capacity of energetic.

In my thesis, I am dealing with the using of electricity gained from solar energy. It is required to galvanically isolate the solar cells from the user’s network in the energy producing systems, which use thin layer solar cells, these can be realized by isolation of transformer. It is beneficial in the aspects of size and price, only if the separation is realized on intermediate frequency, because than it is enough a smaller transformer. The signal of intermediate frequency is produced with a semiconductor switching elements controlled by pulse-width modulation. Every of the used semiconductor have a given amount of switching loss, which can result a reduction of efficiency if it is used on high frequency.

In these circuits used switching elements are usually IGBT or MOSFET transistors. In a separate chapter, I analyzed the functioning of these parts, which are essential for my inquiry.

After reviewing of the theoretical basis, I tested, and analyzed the models of the transistors and diodes in a simulating program. There are some semiconductor factories, which attach to their products on the internet accessible, and free pspice models. Before the tests I always compared the simulation programming models with the values including in the date sheet. My target was the simulation of the fast semiconductors, then I choose one having the most appropriate attributes, and I have it in a specific circuit operated, and then I tested it.

The implemented circuit is a Boost converter, what was tried out, and was measured its characteristic parameters.


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