Development of vector graphics report generation framework for image processing systems

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An existing framework has been provided that helps other faculties automate everyday things in which human work can be replaced. For example, for geologists working on BME, we allow automated image processing of their engravings. This software develops in many different directions, both for students who have their own subjects and for their consultants for years.

But like any software, there are still things need to be developed. The software was able to export modified images in image format. It is considered a more advantageous solution for the subject's publisher if it is exported in a recoverable format, so we can now import the files that are exported in later versions. I worked on this problem.

The choice was the SVG format, which is a descriptive language used to determine XML-based two-dimensional vector graphics. With this technology we can access the forms we need (polygons, embedded images, circles). Additionally, a .NET NuGet package made it easier, so I could start programming at a higher level.

I belive the semester was successful. We can export all the entities supported by the software in this way, and with different parameters we can change the operation settings.

The result of this semester work is a useful feature that I hope will be useful to the users of the program. This topic can be extended, for example by importing from an SVG file.


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