Random generator for routing tables

OData support
Kőrösi Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In recent years the load of internet routers has grown in a remarkable extent. The

main causes of that are the extensive spread of mobile broadband internet, the

significant development in device production, the notable changes in online habits, the

nature of services and the growing size of available content. As a result the scale of

Forwarding Information Base (FIB) applied in internet routers has grown in a not

expected measure. The rapidity of searching in these structures are vital, from the point

of view of the internet’s operability and usability. The ways of storing these kind of data

in routers and the procedures of finding the specific data are needed to be developed.

In my thesis I have designed and implemented such algorithms which are

suitable for generating test data for newly developed methods to remove the extra load

in routers. These algorithms are modeling the real FIBs from different aspects. During

my work four distinct algorithms were developed. Generating random routing tables can

happen by creating independent records one by one, or by modeling the actual storage

structure of FIBs and creating binary or complete binary trees from different beginnings

like upside down or bottom up.


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