Randomized map generation based strategy game development

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In this assigment, I have created a real-time strategy game. While implementing the game I have been using the Unity game engine and framework, but we will see other alternatives too in the beginning of this paper.

We will see that how the Unity game engine works and what other tools I have been using in this project. I will present how can one create a multiplayer game, where multiple people play the game via network connection using Unity and Photon Network.

I will create the main rules of my game. I will show that what is the goal of the player who is playing this game, how can he or she achieve this goal, what are the tools which the player can use to do so.

After we know the rules, we will see the implementation of the game. We will solve the question: How can we create terrain that is dynamically, generated from code? After we generated the terrain, how can we make it better, how to use textures on it. We will see that how we can place different objects in the game. We will procedurally generate trees from code too.

We will see how one scene in the game is created, what are the parts of it, how I assure that the rules are applied to the game.

Next thing is the units, that we can control in the game. We will create the basics to interact with the units, and to give orders. We use some modelling tools to create in-game objects, such as buildings and soldiers.

Besides modelling, I have created animations and textures for them too. I will show some things from this procedure.

Last but not least we look over what we have accomplished and how we could make the final game better.


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