Development of catering trade order management system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In summer 2007 an exceptional progress has been started in the smartphone market by releasing the iPhone. The smartphones are becoming available for more and more people. Thanks to the open application markets the technology has endless potentials.

May arise as a legitimate demand that we could take advantage of our smartphones in restaurants. That’s why I prepared the system named iOrder which allows you to make orders through your smartphone with the least human interaction. The iOrder has two main parts: a client and a server side. One task of the server is to provide a web interface for the restaurant to manage their tables and menus, and to follow the orders. The other task is to forward the menus to the clients, to accept the orders, waiter calls and check demands. The client was implemented for smartphone which allows the guest to get the menu from the server, to create and post orders, to call the waiter or demand the check.

During writing my thesis, I learned the web application development with Play framework and I also learned the iOS application development in a basic level. I made a flexible client-server architecture that allows the client to implement additional platforms (eg Android, Windows Phone 7).

The complete system was tested on real devices, the reliability was certified with tests. At last I mention the opportunities for further development.


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