Verification options for automotive software development

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

When choosing the topic of my thesis I wanted to partake in a task which statisfies my hunger for knowledge and is part of my field of interest, this is why I chose „Verification opportunities in automotive industry”, a topic offered by Continental Automotive Hungary Ltd.

In present days there are 3 different methods used for testing functionality and dynamic systems of automobiles. The most common approach is the classic vehicle test on a test track, however, development is greatly influenced by the availability of prototype vehicles and a failure of such a vehicle could cause severe delays. To be less dependent on real vehicles, software based simulation implementation has begun. HIL (hardware in the loop) and SIL (software int he loop) testing became more popular to reduce costs and development time. These tests are able to simulate the behavior of the vehicle during different driving situations, using the physical properties of the car. In my thesis I will first give an introduction to the basics of vehicle dynamics necessary for the concept, analyze one simulation software in terms of usability and compare this solution to the real vehicle tests. I will design testcases for testing using a real vehicle and software simulation, comparing and validating these methods. Finally I will test the reliability of the SIL testing and I will design a test case where the electronic brake software is modified and the effects are evaluated.


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