Design and development of a car racing telemetria software

OData support
Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As a member of the BME Formula Racing Team, my task is to design and build telemetry software for the team founded by the students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After a short introduction of the Formula Student racing series, and our participating team, I will describe the design and building of the application, what is currently used by the team, and lastly I will describe the operation of the software.

The telemetry system made for the BME Formula Racing Team will ensure precise measurement from the distance, and will help the car's engineers testing, monitoring and improving the car.

The software receives processes and displays the live data, sent by the car, which is on the track.

The telemetry is built in Adobe Flex SDK, and ensures personalization with a customizable Multiple Document Interface. The telemetry system has a simple mobile version, running on Android and iOS, allowing a lot more flexible use.

During the tests of the race car, the software gave a great assistance, speeding the tests up, and making them easier and more useful.

In the introduction, I describe the history of the Formula Racing Team, and detail the importance of telemetry in car racing. I present the Formula Student racing series, in which our team participates in for 5 years now.

In my paper I review directly related electrical solutions, such as the CAN bus, the measured signals, and the sensors. After the section of our team's sensor system and testing environment, I take the challenges, objectives and options to consideration. I specify the finished telemetry system, and write down the design decisions, steps, obstacles, and the results of the development.


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