Deployment of a versioning application and connected release management process

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The relevant reason of applying version control systems to manage source file changes, and support parallel software development in team. Consequently, it is necessary to introduce a system, which implements the uniform version management of the different development scopes. Meanwhile we have to pay the greatest attention for the coopreation with existing processes, and systems, which support the processes.

The SVN has been selected of the centralized systems. Thanks to the basic design it is capable of handling any number of projects at the same time, furthermore the SVN is well integrated with the HP ALM system, which supports the exciting release management process. The result was a structure made up several system configuration, which provide the opportunity to use the popular integrated development environments. It is able to connect the code changes to the terms used in the HP ALM, and take advantage of the SVN capabilities. Finally this structure supports the automatic release build, which is based on the appropriate timing.

Another important requirement was raised about the HP ALM. I need to create opportunity for project monitoring and manipulating to the most important business partner. After the thorough examination of the potential options I chosen the possibility of design and create a stand-alone application. A copy of the application maintains one-way contact between a HP ALM and a HP QC system. HP QC has the same functionality that HP ALM.

After we use the application actively, and we run it from time to time, the two systems will show a similar picture about those entities, which we selected for synchronization. So this application provides the possibility of the more effective cooperation between two partner organizations.


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