Implementing a lossless audio encoder using FPGA

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

For audio compression, lossy algorithms are used in most cases, however lossless methods are getting more and more significant. The development of the electronic devices makes the hardware implementation of these methods possible.

Some industrial applications can also benefit from the lossless compression of data, i.e. if one has a lower bandwidth for passing measurement data. Therefore I always considered the aspect of industrial use throughout my project.

One of the goals of my thesis is to introduce the most common compression methods and lossless formats, and to briefly show their main features. After choosing a specific format, I am introducing it in a more detailed description.

In the remaining chapters I investigate the possibilities of implementing the encoding algorithm in an FPGA chip. I show two different solutions for the problem. One of them is based on a soft-core processor, meanwhile the other one is made entirely in hardware description language.

At the end I compare the two system’s advantages and disadvantages, and I make suggestions about the possible improvements for future development.


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