Ignition modernisation of Combustion Engine of old timer vehicle

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Kerekes Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The task is to research the ignition system of an old timer car, and develop a better system, which is better in some aspects than the stock version. It should be more realiable and should need less maintenance than the original version. During the semester the student must research the different types of ignition systems, should find their advantages and disadvantages, and must develop his/her own version.


- The ignition systems of Otto-cycle engines should be researched during the semester, including the ideal ignition timing characteristics.

- One chosen type of ignition system should be developed, which is compatible of a chosen old timer cars

- The system must be prepared to be capable of being modified from an external input device (f.e.: a software of a PC), and also to adjust itself automatically, if needed.

- The system should communicate with an external client application, which should show some real-time values of the car

- The system should contain a knocking detector to detect knocking of an internal combustion engine, and should be able to adjust the ignition to avoid knocking operation.


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