Development of a sales data analysing system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In the following thesis I focus on the receipt handling process of a grocery and general merchandise retailer company. I analyse the flow of the receipt data from the register until its final storage place.

I make data processing with Windows and Windows PowerShell commands on the transaction’s XML data to convert them to comma separated values. I upload these records to a central database for further processing.

I installed an Oracle Database server and created a new database instance for the receipt data. I also installed the Oracle Application Express, which is based on the Oracle Database installation. I use the Oracle Application Express for running queries against the database, and make reports with the query results.

After having uploaded the data to the central database, I run string comparison methods to filter the same customers and recognise the affiliated companies. Using the resulting „clean” data I built reports to analyse them.

During the major steps of the system development I touched the difficulties I faced and also the resolutions I’ve found. At each main step I illustrated the processes with diagrams.


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