Control and Evaluation Program development for surge arresters and transformer step switch diagnostic testing

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Kálmán Viktor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The status control of the high-voltage surge arresters and transformer step switches are as important tasks, as the transformers’ operation. These are essential for the normal operation. In this project I worked on the system prepare, this system is able to evaluate the status of the transformer’s auxiliary systems. In this project, I designed the control software’s plan, implementation and the related diagnostic processes. In this paper, I review the process of the design and the development, and the occurrent difficulties, their solutions, and finally the results achieved.

Foremost I introduce the structure and the operation of the high-voltage surge arresters and transformer step switches, and their diagnostic facilities registered in literature. Then I introduce the processes that I designed, to ensure that the software and the instrument are able to achieve the diagnosis. Through the development of several alternatives, I identified the problems caused by the system’s limitations and solved them. After that, I’ve designed and implemented the control software of the instrument, which also works as a display for the measured data.

In the last part of this paper, I present the measurement system’s test cases, examining simulated and real test cases. During the test cases the system was working properly. We developed a diagnostic measurement system, which can be used excellently by the experts.


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