Software development for smart windshield application

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With this paper, I intend to present an application with multiple components in an area with untrodden paths. The project I worked on was analyzing the opportunities of a software running in a car, using the windshield as display.

The idea of a smart windshield proceeds on the existing Head-up Display technologies, using the car’s forward windshield as an active display. This could be

achieved with transparent LCD and Transparent OLED (T-OLED) technologies. The goal was to make a prototype, a demobox, where the idea could be presented to the masses and also we could examine the possibilities and the raison d'etre of such system. I wrote about the former in this paper.

My main objective was to select the appropriate tools for the job and use them together in .NET environment. From the many tasks I did, I talk about my work on the software architecture, restructuring the then current application, keeping in my mind the principles which are necessary in modern software development.

I also worked on connecting an application based on Unreal Engine with a .NET app. Then reviewed existing Computer Vision techniques, I worked out a solution for recognizing relevant data from images from the Unreal app and displaying it’s result to the user in real time. Besides these, I also present two methods I used to boost the performance of this software environment.


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