Design of a control software for a complex solar cell testing system

OData support
Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

This thesis demonstrates the conformation of a partially automatised solar cell testing system established in a LabVIEW environment, and the process of the computer program's development controlling it, along with the functioning of the complete measuring software.

The implementation of the task started with becoming acquainted with the whole measuring system and the functioning of LabVIEW programming language. After that followed the writing, developing and testing of the user program controlled through a type NI USB-6212 data acquisition (DAQ) card also distributed by National Instruments.

The measuring of the analyzed solar module is performed with the data acquisition card after attaching it to a measuring panel provided with a capacitor. The test panel and the illuminating LED solar simulator for the standard measuring are controlled by the LabView program through the DAQ card.

The measuring environment created this way is capable of recording the coherent current and potential values of cells and modules even for the less adept users in the functioning of the software. From the recorded measurement data the program charts the current-potential and the performance-potential characteristics qualifying the solar module on a mutual diagram, determines and counts further qualifying parameters and certifies these measurement results.


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