Control software for a microcontroller based solar tracking system

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The researches related to renewal energy sources are getting higher attention worldwide these days. Beyond the environmental aspects it has serious economical reasons. Approaching the exhaustion of fossil fuel supplies, and facing the difficulties of the nuclear safety, more and more governments and corporations pay attention to these sections of energetics.

This is one reason, why the Heliotrex project was started, at the BUTE Department of Electron Devices, which goal is to create a more effective solar energy production with a solar tracker. The current state of the project where I begin to work, is a result of development of many students. With this work, I joined the group of developers.

My task is the programming of some parts of the control software: motor drive, sensors, LCD display, and the real time clock (RTC).

The first part of my thesis is about the currently completed parts of the tracker, mostly those parts which are related to my task.

The next part is dealing with my task, executed in the last half year. In this part I explain the details of the controller firmware, and present the implementation.

Rotation of axles is done by a high reliability relative displacement –control algorithm, with the help of information gained from sensor system. The human machine interface (HMI) is achieved by an LCD display and an interrupt based consol. The software is able to supervise the accurate time through the I2C bus connected, handled as a periphery RTC.

During the final part, I summarize the results, and propose some development option.


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