Automated functional test of wireless embedded transmitter

OData support
Krébesz Tamás István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Rise of automated operations and interactions heavily relies on maintenance free application and devices, therefore stable performance is essential for further developments of humanless machine to machine interations. The main goal of the Thesis is the implementation of a complex automated test system for a wireless transmitter unit including (i) the communication protocol of the wireless unit, (ii) the automated functional testing of the main blocks of the unit and (iii) the automated test report generation. First of all, proper communication protocol for TRF6900A control was clarified and implemented. Thus, the transmitter board can be accessed by custom control software in LabVIEW. Next, the PXI unit, which is used for detection and measurement of signals from TRF6900A, is also accessed with National Instrument drivers through LabVIEW. Two main components, device under test and measurement unit, are controlled by custom created controls, and these control are extensively used to implement the whole automated testing system in LabVIEW environment. The system itself is a state machine, where every state corresponds to set up, measurements, or report generation. Measurements assess main blocks, and performance of the board components and their influence on generated and transmitted signal is investigated. There are 2 components involved in transmission: direct digital synthesizer (DDS) and phase locked loop (PLL) with voltage controlled oscillator. Together these components are responsible for frequency of generated signal; and their characteristics like PLL bandwidth and spurious signal level helps to assess quality of generated signal. Finally, all of the measurements are presented in predefined Excel report template. The MS office software is also accessed by ActiveX extension of LabVIEW. Every cell of Excel page can be accessed and modified to store measured values for assessed characteristics, and this is how report is generated in the automated functional testing system. In conclusion, there is an automated system developed, which tests transmitter characteristics of the TRF6900A board and presents results in Excel report.


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