Wireless digital multimeter

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Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Digital multimeter is one of the most commonly used instruments in everyday life of an electrical engineer. However, multimeters available on the market, can be considered out-of-date in several aspects. They all use the same seven-segment display technology, they cannot communicate with any other device, and they are pretty big. Nowadays high resolution displays of computers and smartphones are always with us, it would be practical to use them.

The purpose of this thesis is to create a multimeter design, capable of communicating with computers and smartphones, using wireless technologies.

In the first part of this thesis, I am presenting an overview about the multimeter market and about the most important standards regarding multimeter safety ratings. Later, I am presenting the most popular wired and wireless communication protocols, to decide which ones would be suitable to use in the multimeter.

In the second part of this thesis, I am specifying a high level design for the multimeter, based on the conclusions of the first part. Next, I am examining the most important components of the design, which mainly determine the cost and final size of the instrument. Finally, I am describing how the desired measurement can be realized using the chosen components.


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