The design and development of a wireless Socket

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays different solutions concerning home automation and remote control systems are developing rapidly. There are more and more manufacturers, who integrate this kind of features into their products and also provide software support for that. The most commonly used technologies include Bluetooth and WiFi.

The topic of my thesis is the design and build of a power cord, which can be part of a home automation solution. Its main capability is enabling the switching of its sockets remotely and the monitoring of the power consumption of the connected devices. Possible additional functionalities include preprogrammed timing and current limiting. The wireless communication can be realized via WiFi or Bluetooth, thus ensuring the flexibility of the system, and it’s compatibility with smart phones and with the web server providing a web-based user interface. Considering the fact, that this is a product intended to be used at home, there should be a suitable software solution providing an intuitive user interface, to enable the fast and simple control of the device.

After getting familiar with the topic of the thesis I had the basic concept of the realization of the project. Basically the project can be divided into two major parts: the design and build of the hardware prototype and the implementation of the necessary software solution.

During the realization of this project I tried to simultaneously work on the hardware and the software parts. As a result, I managed, to design and build a working prototype of the device and develop a webserver and a web-based user interface. The completed system does not make it possible to use all functions of the device (for example power consumption monitoring and management). However, it can already demonstrate the main functionality of the system, because the remote controlling of the prototype –via Bluetooth or WiFi– is available.


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