Experimental realization of wireless energy transfer

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Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my master thesis I design and built a wireless power transfer capable low power switching power supply. The aim of this power supply is charging mobile phones.

I present the buck, the buck-boost and the flyback konverter topologies because I used these circuits in my main circuit topology. I also present various snubber circuits and the improved two transistor flyback topology.

After the theoretical overview, i show the design steps of the hardver parameters which are based on the specification. I show the flyback converter main circuits elements design. I present the flyback transformer design and build steps. I design various snubber circuits for the flyback converter. I present the two transistor flyback design steps. I explain the main design aspects of the printed circuit board based on the finished circuit design.

I explain the circuit activation process with the occuring problems and the solutions for them. Finally i make an efficeny measurement on the working module.

I evaluate my work and recommend some methods for future improvements.


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