Development of wireless power transfer system

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Dr. Gyimóthy Szabolcs
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In this thesis work, I investigated Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) systems in details, comparing the Tesla-type, the magnetically coupled self-resonant and matched resonant systems by their efficiency and applications. I have presented different methods for describing WPT systems and introduced the A4WP standard.

In addition to the commonly used impedance matching methods, I presented the method of matching for full resonance, 50 Ohm capacitive and the inverse ABCD two-port based matching methods, which are based on my ideas. I have optimized the geometry and the impedance matchings by Finite Element Method (FEM) based simulation of my special double sided spiral coils. The geometry and the analytic description of the applied coils are also based on my work. Furthermore, I simulated a loop transmitter-receiver system and optimized the impedance matching. Moreover I have built and made measurements for the previously investigated transmitters and receivers.

I have designed, simulated, and built an E-class amplifier based RF power transmitter module as well as a 50 Ohm matched LED indicator and voltage quadrupole rectifier receiver. I classified and compared the different types of receivers and impedance matchings with regard to the rectifier circuits. Finally, I have made measurements on the whole built WPT system.


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