Integrating wireless inertial sensors with the Internet of Things

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Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The IoT sector is experiencing massive growth and is becoming one of the leading branches of information technology. These IoT systems are made up of two key components – on of which, also the main topic of my thesis, is dealing with sensors and actuators. Examples for such systems are smart homes, smart cities or even the smart public transportation system of a metropolis or the smart railway system of a country. Due to their rapid development, the demand for similar systems is steadily growing. Sensors capable of sensing and perceiving their physical environment are an inseparable part of IoT. Their role is to gather information on their environment as well as objects in it which allows actuators to fulfill their tasks.

As part of my thesis, it was my goal to familiarize myself with inertial sensors used for detecting movement which make it possible for us to measure and model moving components in a given environment. My other tasks involved studying the errors within these sensors such as drift and scale bias, to calibrate and fuse sensors as to avoid errors and allow the device to measure actual data. The intent was to realize communication with sensors and to adjust the system to the world of IoT using MQTT protocol. Finally, it was my objective to present the working mechanism of the system through an IoT demonstrator case study involving a railway system and to show the type of data it is capable of transmitting on moving objects in a test environment.


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