Implementation of wireless human-vehicle interface (Connected Car)

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The present diploma is about the concept of communication channels of cars which are becoming more and more popular and developing dynamically. Information stored in the control units of the car is transmitted to a central server by an appropriate network communication device. There is growing emphasis and development on the 5G mobile network, which will become one of the most used technologically based on car communication. A WiFi module is a demonstration of what this network can do in the future.

The first section presents the most commonly used communication network and structure in the automotive industry.

The second section shows the hardware types needed to communicate with the control units in the cars. This is followed by selecting the WiFi unit required for data transfer.

In the following, it will detail the implementation of the software on each device. It also describes how different hardware communicates with each other through software.

Finally, it shows the software that is ready to meet the basic requirements for the smooth running of the system. It goes through a test process, then describes the experience and what needs to be changed in the future for better performance.


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