Visible light communications

OData support
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Wireless communication can be realizable in radio frequency spectrum and optical spectrum. The VLC which means Visible Light Communication, is one type of the optical communication. This technology has a lot of benefits, including that the light source and the information source is one and the same. In this system, you can only use LED sources which have a very high light intensity, however their energy consumption is minimal.

Due to the widespread using of the radio spectrum the free range is saturated, so we need to look for new technological solutions. The VLC is the most modern communication solution that provides high bandwidth and secure as well, due to the physical characteristics. In the future the application of this system in our home and office will be an advantage.

In this paper firstly I introduce this technology, its benefits and weaknesses, and the systems which were setting up so far. Then I design a receiver and a transmitter unit which are capable of transmitting an analog audio sound. Secondly I simulate this, and then I’m going to build a prototype of the VLC system, which will be tested. At the end of the researches I will conclude the appropriate results, and I’m going to propose the possibilities of development.


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