Industral Property of Wireless Communication Technologies

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the Industrial Property of Wireless Communication Technologies. The main topic and the guideline of the thesis paper is the case study about two standard-essential patents in case of their concrete telecommunication standards.

In this document, the process of the patenting, and the protection of the copyright will be represented and highlighted. The standards, and the standardization are essential for the technological advances, therefore the procedure and the steps of the standardization will be emphasized, in connection with the FRAND terms. Afterwards the databases, which were acknowledged throughout the investigation, will be mentioned as well.

In the case study the European process of the patenting of UMTS and LTE technology will be represented. In order to analyze the standard essential patent the ETSI IPRs Policy needs to be described, and the owners of the standard essential patent, created by ETSI, will be mentioned.

The case study will concentrate on two patents of the standard essential patents, whereas the first topic is about the CS domain call terminating system, method, and network device analysis, and the other topic is about the method and apparatus of establishing a synchronization signal in a communication system. With the help of these patents the transmitter and receiver used by the LTE technology will be described and also the methods used for the solution. Furthermore, the standard essentials patents will be compared with the claims of the patents. Last but not least the conclusion will be drawn from the comparison of the above mentioned two parts according to their alternative uses and boundaries in communication.


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